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What is the Future of SEO in 2014?


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There’s a buzz going around the blog-o-sphere talking about the future of SEO the tactics that will be used. Just doing a quick search for (not provided) produces enough chatter to make anyone who does SEO a little worried. In short, Google is going strictly to (not provided) keywords for organic searches which almost eliminates the ability to find out how users are finding your site with search terms. It’s a crappy move but I’m sure they’ve got a good reason for it; like forcing you to run an AdWords campaign. (All is not lost though, you can read this blog post to still find out how a user MAY have found your site.)

So now that Google is flexing their muscle and hiding crucial data from you, what are you to do? Grab your designing and marketing hats and start brainstorming. And get comfortable, this is going to be a long one.

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How To Sell Your Product or Service Online


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It’s in our DNA that when we pay for a product or service, we expect to visually see our purchase. Whether we use it everyday or once a season, we need that proof. But in this advanced age of technology, both in hardware and software, it can be very difficult to sell what you are offering to your targeted demographics. Earning your incoming as a Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B), or perhaps even both, company doesn’t have to be completely difficult. Continue reading →


Google Analytics and the (not provided) Keyword


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Google Analytics is an indispensable tool for anyone who has a website, is a web designer or developer, or for anyone who does SEO. It tells you all the data you can possibly imagine from how they entered your site to if they’re actually interested in your site. By looking at the metrics within Analytics, you can greatly improve your site’s performance and improve how people perceive your site. Probably the top three metrics that will tell you everything about your site is the Bounce Rate, Average Visit Duration, and Search Terms. Search Terms is the most beneficial of the three as it tells you if people are finding your site for the keywords you want to show up under. But it does have a nasty little benign tumor called “(not provided)” and it’s about to become a malignant. Continue reading →


6 Facebook Posts That Should Not Be On Your Page


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It’s no secret that Facebook was created to share your life with your friends and family instantly. This form of instant transmission has been crucial for businesses to market to their clientele. What better way is there to talk about your new product, service or current specials for free to your customers? All it takes is creating an account and you’re ready to start talking with them. Of course the question arises as to how you get your customers to start following you. (That’s for a later discussion.) Continue reading →

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